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Hi, I'm Rick Kaselj, the world's top injury expert.

I would love to ease your knee pain this week by giving you my top 5 knee pain relief tips.

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  • The "knee vacation" stance that lets your knees recover and start healing again.
  • The 2 critical nutrients most knee pain sufferers are severely low in, crippling the knee's natural healing process.
  • A freakishly effective breathing technique that floods your body with natural painkillers and inflammation-fighters.
  • 4 simple, easy exercises that loosen key muscles to take intense workload stress off the knee joint.
  • The "cautious posture" mistake that's putting massive pressure on the inside of your knees.
  • 5 common foods that create an inflammatory cascade in your body, making your pain and tightness even worse.

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- Marianne Reese, Oahu

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Rick Kaselj

Imagine the feeling of springing out of bed in the morning just like you did before your knees started hurting. Or not having to live in cautious fear of the next jolt of stabbing pain. Not only is this possible with the 5 tricks I'm about to share with you, but it's also far easier than you think.

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