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Blonde Bombshell Barbell Workout

Today, when at the gym, it is time to grab the barbell.

With the bar, give this workout a go.

It is another great workout from Shawna K.

Rick Kaselj


Hey, Shawna K. and I got a great complex workout for you here.

You need 1 barbell and this is an as many rounds as possible AMRAP. You are going to do 5 reps of everything. You are going to do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

CLICK HERE to watch the workout on YouTube.

#1 – High Pulls

You are going to grab your bar. Then you are going to start with five High Pulls.

Make sure to drop to the knees and come up onto the toes for 5 reps.

High Pulls

High Pulls

#2 – Narrow Stance Front Squat

Go right into a Narrow Stance Front Squat and do it for 5 reps.

Narrow Stance Front Squat

Narrow Stance Front Squat

#3 – Push Press

And then go into a Push Press for 5 reps.

Push Press

Push Press

#4 -Romanian Deadlift

Then next is the Romanian Deadlift for 5 reps.

Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift

#5 – Push Up with a Spider Crawl Position

And as an act of recovery, still hold the bar on and do one Push Up with a Spider Crawl Position. Do 5 reps of this for each leg.

Push Up with a Spider Crawl Position

Push Up with a Spider Crawl Position

Ready to go again!


Do these as many times as you can in 10 minutes, you will be toasted with this full body workout.

It you want another 27 complexes like this, then check out Challenge Complex here:

See you next time.

Shawna Kaminski

P.S. – If all you have is a dumbbell make sure to give the Wild 6 Dumbbell Workout a go.


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