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10 Minute Fire Starter Workout

April 25th, 2014Posted by Rick

Good morning or I hope your day is going great. Today, I have another workout for you. It is from Derek Wahler. If you missed yesterdays workout, from Derek, you can check it out here. Now to today’s workout. Enjoy! Rick Kaselj, MS =============== The #1 key that everyone should be doing to lose unwanted belly […]

When Not to do Corrective Exercises with Jim Kielbaso

March 22nd, 2014Posted by Rick

 Today, I have another video interview for you and we are going to talk about corrective exercise versus motor learning. When NOT to do Corrective Exercises CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video. I have Jim on the line and we are going to talk about corrective exercises and motor learning. Starting off with things, […]

Quickie Dumbbell Workout

December 14th, 2013Posted by Rick

Okay, one more workout for you. Today, I got a quickie for you from Shawna K. Enjoy! Rick Kaselj, MS =========================== Hey, Shawna K. from I am here in Denver. I am shooting this week for a reality show and today I am on call so I have a very short time, and so […]

Blonde Bombshell Barbell Workout

December 12th, 2013Posted by Rick

Today, when at the gym, it is time to grab the barbell. With the bar, give this workout a go. It is another great workout from Shawna K. Rick Kaselj ============================ Hey, Shawna K. and I got a great complex workout for you here. You need 1 barbell and this is an as many rounds […]

BEST Exercise to Improve Your Deadlift

November 10th, 2013Posted by Rick

 I got an article that will help you with your deadlift. It is from Eric Wong. Eric Wong does a lot a training with MMA fights and one thing he works on a lot is improving hip flexibility. He has a great exercise for you to do to help with your deadlift. If you have […]

MUST Do Ab Exercise that is Easy on the Back

October 25th, 2013Posted by Rick

Hello there! This is Coach Chris team of CriticalBench and I’m here with Ashley Drummonds, she is an exercise animal. MUST Do Ab Exercise that is Easy on the Back What Ashley is going to do for us today is she’s going to show us how to do a Low Plank with Rotation. A lot […]

How to Incorporate Progressive Movements Into Your Training

September 11th, 2013Posted by Rick

Well, I am on the road again. I am emailing from a Starbucks in Austin, Texas. I have a few meetings here today and then it is off to Las Vegas for another mastermind. Before I head off to my meetings, here is part 2 of the interview that I did with Tyler Bramlett on […]

What Bed is BEST for Back Pain?

August 28th, 2013Posted by Rick

Mike Westerdal: Dude, I hate hard mattresses. When you travel and you stay in a hotel and you get that soft squishy mattress and the pillow you just sink in to, when I wake up I feel great. But at home I’ve got a firmer mattress because I heard that’s better for your back and […]

Warm Up versus Bodyweight Flow

August 8th, 2013Posted by Rick

I hope you enjoyed the Fantastic 4 Bodyweight Workout from yesterday. Today I have the second part of the interview with Sylvia Favela & Tyler Bramlett. (You can check out part 1 over here.) In this part Sylvia & Tyler share with you: difference between a calisthenic warm up and a bodyweight flow example of […]

3 Steps to Changing Your Body Composition with Ryan Faehnle (Part 2)

July 24th, 2013Posted by Rick

Here is part 2 of the interview that I did with Ryan Faehnle on 3 Steps to Changing Your Body Composition. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here. Now lets get to part 2. Rick Kaselj ========================================== 3 Steps to Changing Your Body Composition with Ryan Faehnle Rick Kasej: Looking at people […]