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How Your Shoes Could Be Causing Your Knee Pain

It has been a frustrating few weeks with knee pain.

It is getting better but I wanted to share with you the thing that flared up my knees.

Here is a little video of me explaining what happened.

How Your Shoes Could Be Causing Your Knee Pain

Click Here to Watch How Your Shoes Could Be Causing Your Knee Pain

Hey this is Rick Kaselj from

I wanted to highlight what I did that ended up flaring up my knee.

One week I was doing a whole bunch of assessments with this company and I was working in this warehouse.  I ended up having to get into a variety of positions (standing, squatting, and kneeling) throughout the day.

And what I found out is, as the week end up progressing, my right knee pain end up getting worse and worse and worse.

It really reached a point that it ended up flaring up my knee.

Reflecting back, I can see what I did that end up leading to that flare up and this is the first time that my knee has ever flared up in this way.

In a previous blog post,  I showed you he things that I did in order to help me overcome that knee pain.

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Fixing Your Knee Pain on a Plane

CLICK HERE for the video on Fixing Your Knee Pain on a Plane

The Cause of My Knee Pain Flare Up

First were my shoes.

I ended up wearing these shoes and the mistake I made was I end up buying it over the internet, they were cheap and they looked funky so I ordered them and got them and they were very comfortable at the start.

#1 – Soft Soles Shoes, Not Good

They are the kind of shoes that feel like space boots. There’s a lot of cushioning and they really end up feeling soft but the negative is that I didn’t try them on before buying them.

With the soft sole, the length of time that the support will be provided from the shoe will decrease as soft soles break down faster than firm soles.

#2 – A High Heel was Not Good

Other thing was they have a little higher heel lift than I am used to which ended up putting more stress on my knees.

And also since the materials are nice, soft and scrunchy it didn’t really give that much support to my feet. And what ends up happening is if you lacking that support in the feet from your shoes, you end up forcing your arch to flatten out (pronation).

With that arch flattening out, it ends up rotating the lower part of your leg (internal rotation of the tibia) and rotating your knee end.

This leads to more stress on that inside part of your knee, leading to knee pain.

Once in awhile that’s fine but standing throughout the whole day, being in this warehouse with hard cement floors throughout the week, ended up putting more and more stress on the knee to a point where it ended up flaring up.

#3 – Hard Floors, Not Good

The other thing was that I was standing on hard cement floors for days.

What would probably been better for me was if I could have gotten some sort of mat, for example a shock absorbing mat, and stood on that.

#4 – Bad Standing Position, Not Good

The other thing was my standing position. The more wider foot position that you are taking, the more stress and strain you end up putting on the medial part of your knees.

So I should have ended up switching my positions, hip width apart, shoulder width apart and more shoulder width apart and just mixing up with my feet positions throughout the day.

Sum It All Up

So to summarize things, I discourage you from buy shoes over the internet especially if you’ve never had a chance to try them on because you never know what you will end up getting.

Number two, try to look for shoes that don’t have too high of a heel lift because that heel lift will put more stress on your knees.  It will push you more on your balls of your feet which puts more stress on the knee.

Look for shoes with good support which end up preventing that falling of the arch which ends up preventing that twisting of the shin and the thigh.

And also look at changing your foot positions in order to change the stress that ends up being put on your knee.

I hope those lessons are helpful to you and will give you some insight on things that you can do in order to avoid knee pain in the future.

So this is Rick Kaselj from

I encourage you to search around my site, there’s a bunch of resources when it comes to injuries and pain specifically shoulder pain.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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