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Neck Pain From Sleeping

It is Rick Kaselj with some info on neck pain.

I got an email from a friend about neck pain, have  read:

Hola Rick

My daughter lives in Bangkok and just wrote to me regarding her friend’s neck problem. I know very little about the neck, so I thought maybe you could offer some advice.
Really appreciate it.

> Hey Daddy,
> So my friend Ryan has injured his neck. He slept on it weird and the doctor
> said that he’s pinched nerves 1-5 in his neck, and it’s the ones that
> connect to his left index finger and thumb.
> Can you please recommend some exercises for him to do that will help it?
> Thanks!!!
> K

What to do About Neck Pain From Sleeping?

CLICK HERE to watch the video on neck pain and sleeping

Hey this is Rick Kaselj and I am an Injury and Exercise expert.  What that means is I help people overcome pain and injury by using exercise.

I got an email from a friend, Ron, in Mexico. He has a daughter in Bangkok and one of her friends end up tweaking his neck and it end up leading to a pinched nerve in his neck.

So Ron’s daughter asked if there are some exercises that her friend can end up doing for his neck pain. And yes there is.

There id lots that you can end up doing in order to help with the neck pain recovery process and overcome neck pain.

#1 Self Massage

I would end up suggesting to do some self massage.

A lot of times that kink in the neck, when you sleep funny, is either in the sternocleidomastoid muscle.  Which is that muscle that pops up when you move your chin forward.

The kink can also end up being in the upper trapezius.

What I would end up suggesting them to do is just lightly massaging of the kinked up muscle.

You might end up finding sensitive areas but what I am doing is self massaging, rubbing up and down, side to side and circles on that muscle.

I might find a really sensitive area and if pressing on that sensitive area ends up leading to funny symptoms in the arm, discontinue the self massage.

But what you can end up doing is rubbing above and below that really sensitive area.

I recommend going up and down the muscle, rubbing it a few time, and also rubbing throughout the day (3 to 5 times).

You don’t need to go crazy, it ends up being 15 to 30 seconds rubbing on each side and doing that multiple times throughout the day in order to relax the tension in the kinked up neck muscle.

Here is a video where I talk about self massage for the Achilles tendon:

#2 – Head Balance

The second thing that you want to do is to put the neck into a balance state.

If I have my head in a poor posture, for example having my head forward, thus puts a lot of stress on the muscles that often times will get kink up when we sleep.

If I move into a better posture, nice and upright posture and stand tall, I can feel that there’s less stress put on those kinked up muscles. Getting into that better posture and standing nice and upright will help when it comes to the recovery process of the kink in the neck.

Here is a little video on posture:

#3 – Light Movement

The third thing that I would end up doing is light range of motion exercises.

You would be in a nice and tall position and then rotate to one side until you feel a light stretch.

The other movement that I would end up doing is being nice and tall and then dropping the ear to the shoulder and then back up.  I would hold the end movement for a second or two.

Just like the self massage part that I end up talked about above, it’s more important to do the movement multiple times throughout the day (5 times) compared to one bout of 2 or 3 movements at the start of the day or one time throughout the day.

 Here is a video on light neck stretching:

Wrapping Things Up

Doing those 3 things will definitely help speed up your neck pain recovery when it comes to a kink in the neck, I recommend giving all three of these things a go.

Just going through them again; self massaging those typical muscles that get tight when you kink your neck, working on putting your head in a balance state so there’s less stress on the kinked muscle, and thirdly doing a light rotation and side flexion movements in order to stretch out the muscle.

Key to Remember

It is more important to do these 3 things a number of times throughout the day.

I know doing those 3 things will end up helping you recover from your kinked neck.

This is Rick Kaselj.

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That is it.

Have a great day!

Rick Kaselj, MS



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