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4 Life Altering Back Pain Exercises

Today, I have a video for you on back pain relief exercises.

It is from my friend, Ian Hart.  He is a personal training that focuses on helping people overcome back pain.

Enjoy the video.

4 Life Altering Back Pain Exercises

In the video Ian Goes Through:

  • 4 life altering back exercises
  • Why motor control is important for back pain relief
  • The truth about bed rest after back pain or an injury
  • How the devil is in the details when it relates to back pain exercises
  • Why back pain is just getting worse in our society
  • What the future looks like for back pain
  • How big a problem is back pain
  • What really is causing your back pain
  • How sitting funny at work could be leading to your back pain
  • Common muscle issues that lead to back pain
  • How muscle imbalances can be leading to your back pain
  • Link between your brain and back pain
  • The 4 Life Altering Back Pain Exercises

If you are looking for Back Pain Relief 4 Life, you can check out Ian’s program here.

Thanks for watching and reading, we will talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS



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