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Best Shoulder Exercise to Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Hey guys,

Tyler Bramlett and this video is for Rick and everybody over at Exercises For Injuries.

In this short video I want to show you how to perform my #1 exercise for building a strong shoulder that you probably never ever heard of.

This exercise is based on the exercise called the Dumbbell Turkish Get Up.

Let’s start with teaching you how to properly perform the Turkish Get Up first and then I will show the variations that I use to help people build their upper bodies and perform ever better.

Dumbbell Turkish Get Up – Set Up

To start with the Turkish Get Up you are going to lie down on your back, then I want you to lift one arm, pack the shoulder back and down into the socket, same side leg is bent and opposite arm goes out to a 45 degree angle. From this position, squeeze the left side of your core.

From there come up to your hand keeping your spine long, pop your hips to the sky, driving your heel into the floor, bring your leg through and you are now in a kneeling position with your spine remaining neutral. Come into a kneeling position, tap the back toes and stand up. That’s the Turkish Get Up.

If you guys have never done the Turkish Get Up before make sure you can master that first before you go to the next variation that I am going to show, which like I said is one of the coolest exercises you have probably never seen. This is called the Turkish Get Up and Press.

Dumbbell Turkish Get Up and Press

You need to start with a light weight, a dumbbell or a kettlebell will do.

Come down onto your back and bring the dumbbell overhead with both hands. From this position, you are going to start with your Turkish Get Up by pressing, so you are going to come down and press. Squeeze your stomach, come to the elbow through a full range of motion and press. Pop the hips up and press.

The most challenging one with mobility is a side press. Only go as far as you feel 100% comfortable. Press in the kneeling position. Stand up tall and press.

Obviously perform in the same way on the opposite side and work out to the point where you can do 2 or 3 presses in each position and add 5lbs to 10lbs and keep working out from there.

This is an awesome exercise for building shoulder strength, shoulder mobility, teaching how to open up your posture, and also building an upper body that looks good and performs even better.

Now if you are interested in learning this exercise in more detail or progression on how you can go from complete beginner all the way to like an advance exercise then click the link below and check out my brand new comprehensive upper body system. Otherwise thank you very much for watching and I hope you guys enjoy the Turkish Get Up and Press.

Tyler Bramlett

You can check out Tyler’s Warrior Upper Body System here,



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