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From Injury to Fat and Back

July 9th, 2013Posted by Rick

Today, I am in Tampa. It has been 7 cities (Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, Moncton, Tracadie, Chicago, Tampa) in 13 days. But today is exciting, Mike Westerdal and I are filming the next edition of the Fix My Pain series. Before I head off to do the filming, here is a great story from Ben Teal […]

No Cook Recipe Idea with JR Burgess

June 24th, 2013Posted by Rick

In May I was in San Diego at a Fitness Mastermind Meeting and I got chatting with JR Burgess. He was talking about what has worked very well for his clients when it comes to weight loss.  What it is, are no cooking recipes. A big obstacle is people do not have time to cook […]

Staying Fit On The Road with Kyla Gagnon

June 23rd, 2013Posted by Rick

I am down here in sunny and windy San Diego. I am in a Fitness Mastermind meeting and I’ve been taking people out of the meeting and doing interviews and videos with them. I hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews and videos so far and make sure you watch a few of the other ones of […]

What to do about joint knee pain?

June 20th, 2013Posted by Rick

This is Dr. Dan Ritchie from Miracles Fitness. Today, I am in sunny San Diego it’s cool and windy as well. I am here with Rick Kaselj who is an injury expert. Rick can you tell us a little bit about yourself. Rick Kaselj: Yes. What I specialize in is I am an injury expert […]

Strength is a Skill

June 15th, 2013Posted by Rick

In October 2010, one of the most significant events in my career as a fitness professional occurred…I met Dan John. Although I didn’t know it at the time, sitting in an overheated open-air dome at Disney World’s Wide World of Sports, I had no idea the impact that this man – whose presence rivaled that […]

Old School Fitness Tips

June 13th, 2013Posted by Rick

I’ve got part 2 of the interview with John Rowley on Old School Fitness Tips. Enjoy! Rick Kaselj Old School Fitness Tips Rick Kaselj: So now moving to kind of a couple of topics that aren’t usually covered in interviews like this. You have different responsibilities and you are all over the world; what are […]

Prevent Elbow Pain with this 5 Minute Warm Up

June 6th, 2013Posted by Rick

Hey everybody I am Jedd Johnson from And what I want to talk to you about today is How to Keep Elbow and High Forearm Pain away? Common Problem when Training This is something that can really cause problems for your training. Chances are if you get high forearm or elbow pain it can […]

Fix Elbow Pain with Tricep Work?

June 5th, 2013Posted by Rick

Hi everybody. It’s Jedd Johnson from and what I want to talk to you about today is Elbow Pain. How to Fix Elbow Pain with Tricep Work? Do You Have High Elbow Pain? I just came back from the North American GRIP Sport Championship here in the first weekend of June. I was talking […]

Pilates for improved flexibility

June 2nd, 2013Posted by Rick

I have Sylvia Flavela back with another article for you on how Pilates can help improve your flexibility. Enjoy. ~ Rick ====================== Pilates brings about balance and alignment to the body, helping achieve strength, flexibility and body awareness. This style of training can positively affect posture and balance, mostly from carrying the upper bodyweight in […]

Effective Knee Replacement Exercise

May 19th, 2013Posted by Rick

Today, I wanted to go through an exercise that I really like when it comes to recovering from knee replacement. Effective Knee Replacement Exercise CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video. I am going to give you two options of the exercise. #1 Thing to Focus in on With Knee Replacements Looking at knee replacement, […]