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Coracobrachialis Stretch to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

I have another video for you on an exercise that you can do at work or while you’re sitting in order to help with your shoulder pain recovery.

Now as we know the exercise that you do specifically for shoulder pain are very helpful and will end up helping when it comes to overcoming your shoulder pain. But how we can accelerate things is by doing things throughout our day that are going to help our shoulder pain recovery.

And one of those is specific shoulder stretching focusing in on muscles that are often not targeted with typical shoulder pain stretches and I wanted to go through one with it right now.

It focuses on coracobrachialis, which is a muscle that ends up helping adduct, so bringing the arm from the side then out to the side down to your side and also helps bringing the arm from the side out front.

A lot of times that muscle end up being ignored.

A lot of times people focus on pecs and stretching and releasing the pecs. But we also need to work on coracobrachialis muscle. So how we can do that when we are sitting at work, taking break from your computer or while watching TV, I can do a specific coracobrachialis stretch.

How I will do that is nice wide feet almost shoulder or more than shoulder width apart. I am going to lean over and grab just above my knees I am going to bring myself forward and then I’m going to rotate my hand and upper body almost like I’m bringing the funky part of my shoulder between my feet.

I can rotate my head and then I want to rotate my upper body like I’m pretending that I’m bringing that shoulder down to in between. Now if I don’t feel anything I want to restart the exercise, feet wide and hands here, bending forward rotating head and then the shoulder rotating that trunk.

I might need to shift my weight a little bit in order to find that right spot. And what I am looking for is a light stretch through this area. It’s not going to be a strong as you are getting to stretch your pecs. It’s going to be a lot lighter of a stretch throughout that front of the shoulder. And how long I will hold it for is about 20 to 30 seconds and then I would end up switching and moving to that other side rotating the trunk bringing that shoulder down to the ground.

Now who should not be doing this? If you have any type of shoulder instability specifically anterior like the shoulder comes forward this is probably not the best stretch for you to do. But if you don’t have that you are fine to give this a go. And if you are looking for a light stretch and it will end up targeting those muscles that are overlooked when it comes to someone that has shoulder pain.


Take care and Goodbye,

Rick Kaselj, MS


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