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Effective Knee Replacement Exercise

Today, I wanted to go through an exercise that I really like when it comes to recovering from knee replacement.

Effective Knee Replacement Exercise

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I am going to give you two options of the exercise.

#1 Thing to Focus in on With Knee Replacements

Looking at knee replacement, do everything you can to regain the range of motion in the knee and that can be flexion (bringing the heel towards the seat) and then extension (straightening the knee out).

Do everything you can to regain that range of motion as much as you can. This will help you become more pain free. It will also allow you to get back to living your life normally. Then thirdly, it will help prevent muscle imbalances because as you know building up muscle imbalances lead to other injuries and pain.

Effective Knee Replacement Exercise with a Stability Ball

Let me get to the exercise.

I like utilizing the stability ball. I get my clients close to something, a ledge works well. I get them to sit on the ball, so they have stability from the ledge or with the wall, and they are in a sitting position so  I can get them at 90 degrees (ankle, knee and hip).

If they have difficulty in getting on and off the ball I can use a larger ball. This one I’m using is a 65cm ball. I can use a 75cm or 85cm ball if I have access to it which makes it easier for the person to get on and off the ball.

Knee Replacement Exercise with Stability Ball

I have them in sitting and let’s say we are going with the right knee, that’s the one that is being replaced. I can get them to wherever they feel comfortable placing that knee. I am going to get them to pivot the ball bring themselves forward and go to that point that they can manage without pain and then getting them to come back. Get them to go forward again and then getting them to come back.

The most important thing is going to that point just before that point of pain and the second thing is doing multiple repetitions. A lot of times, I have to start where I get people to do 1 set of 5 repetitions, so they get the technique of the exercise right and they can see how the exercise ends up feeling and they can start seeing the benefit that they can get from the exercise.

And then, I want to start adding more repetitions, 10 repetitions 2 or 3 sets. They can do it in the morning, afternoon, or evening where they can work on things.

We are mainly working on the flexion part but I can progress them to coming back to straightening that knee as much as they can so working on extension and then into flexion and then back into extension.

A lot of times people that get knee replacements are older adults so they might not have the best balance around so the ball might not be the best choice for them or they may not feel comfortable with it. 

Effective Knee Replacement Exercise with a Chair

Knee Replacement Exercise with a chair

What I can utilize is something that is a little bit firmer. I can use a chair, it is not as ideal, and then I am doing the same thing. I am coming forward and I am coming back. Not as good but you’re in a lot more safe position and in time you can progress them to the ball.

Thirdly, what I can use is a rolly chair, a chair that has wheels, to work on that flexion and extension of the knee.

Give this exercise a go!

If you are looking for a program to help you or your client recover from a knee replacement, check this out:

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS



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