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Good Chance Your Shoulder Pain will Lead to Elbow Pain

Many times one injury will lead to another injuries.

A prime example of this is in the shoulder.

Your shoulder injury will lead to another injury in your arm or upper body.  Often times that second injury is the elbow.

Let me explain.

How Can My Shoulder Pain Lead to Elbow Pain?

What happens is the shoulder can not do what it is suppose to do since it is in pain or injured.  This leads to other joints in the upper body chain having to work harder.  A common pattern that happens is:

  • the fingers grip harder
  • the wrist curls more
  • the elbow bends more
  • the shoulder lifts more
  • the neck bends to the side more

All of these other areas work harder to decrease the stress and load on the shoulder.  Eventually one of these areas goes.

The most common area to go is the elbow.

What is the Most Common Elbow Pain?

The most common elbow pain is tennis elbow pain.

Tennis Elbow is when the muscles in the elbow that move the wrist back get over worked and injured which leads to pain.

How Do I know if I have Tennis Elbow Pain?

I got a video for you that explains this, have a look:

I hope you took a minute to try out the tests.

If not, go back and do them while you are watching the video.

What to do about Tennis Elbow Pain when it Relates to the Shoulder?

A key thing is working on the scapular muscles.

I go through this in the shoulder pain program.  Improving the activation, endurance and strength of the scapular muscles will help the shoulder recover and decrease the stress on the elbow.

What can I do about my Tennis Elbow Pain?

My specialization is shoulder pain but I also help other health & fitness professionals design exercise programs for people with injuries.  I do this with live courses that I run in Vancouver, BC, Canada but I also do this with my Injury of the Month (IOTM).  With the IOTM, it put together an exercise program for a specific injury and this month the injury is Tennis Elbow Pain.

If you, a friend or family member have Tennis Elbow Pain, this will help you out:

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Stay pain and injury free,

Rick Kaselj, MS


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