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What are Latent Trigger Points?

November 21st, 2012Posted by Rick

There has been a lot of talk about trigger points in fitness of late. Fitness professionals have been using foam rollers, medicine balls, sport balls and other tools to address them. I was wondering if what I was doing and other fitness professionals were doing was right so I connected with Conor Collins. Conor is […]

Tendonitis of the Long Head of the Biceps

November 15th, 2012Posted by Rick

Overview of Tendonitis of the Long Head of the Biceps Tendonitis occurs in different parts of the body that have tendons. Hence, tendonitis of the long head of the biceps affects the tendons connected to this particular section of the body. Any type of tendonitis is an inflammation which may be caused by a number […]

Shoulder Pain in Women

July 15th, 2012Posted by Rick

Shoulder pain can occur in both men and women. However, it is important to discuss shoulder pain from the perspective of women and understand possible symptoms, causes and other related issues regarding shoulder pain in women. Common Questions about Shoulder Pain in Women People have various questions regarding shoulder pain. In particular, common shoulder pain […]

Shoulder Pain Interview with Kate Vidulich

July 9th, 2012Posted by Rick

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of this interview. Let’s continue with the interview that I did with Kate Vidulich from Outback Fitness on the importance of scapular exercise for a shoulder injury.   Kate Vidulich: Yeah, everyone goes to sleep there, right. There’s also a point where one of these kinds of shoulder or […]

Stress and Shoulder Pain

April 4th, 2012Posted by Rick

In some situations, stress and shoulder pain are connected.  When a person gets stressed fordifferent reasons, the body can react in various ways.  While one person may break out in cold sweats or develop a fever due to stress, another person can experience shoulder pain whenever stress is present.  Individuals have complained about agonizing pain […]

6 Step Shoulder Assessment

March 2nd, 2012Posted by Rick

  Today I have a shoulder assessment for you. It is a quick 6-step shoulder assessment that you can do on your own. It takes about 1 minute to do and it will show you what is wrong with your shoulder and tell you what you need to do to fix your shoulder pain. Importance […]

Shoulder Pain Relief Through Exercise

February 23rd, 2012Posted by Rick

I have an interview for you on shoulder pain. I was invited as a guest on: It was great to be invited and  asked to talk about shoulder pain and share what people can do to overcome shoulder pain. Please do take the time to listen to the interview if you have shoulder pain and […]

Good Chance Your Shoulder Pain will Lead to Elbow Pain

January 27th, 2012Posted by Rick

Many times one injury will lead to another injuries. A prime example of this is in the shoulder. Your shoulder injury will lead to another injury in your arm or upper body.  Often times that second injury is the elbow. Let me explain. How Can My Shoulder Pain Lead to Elbow Pain? What happens is […]

Shoulder Pain from Driving

January 20th, 2012Posted by Rick

I got a chuckle from this shoulder pain from driving video. The video is very true, I started getting more shoulder pain of late and I was able to follow it back to my driving. Watch this: CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video. Yes, the video is funny but it also has some great […]

Shoulder Pain and Posture

January 12th, 2012Posted by Rick

Shoulder pain and posture are a common theme, but which came first. Did the shoulder cause a posture issue or did the posture issue cause the shoulder pain? Both situations can happen and do happen. Let me explain. What is Posture? I know, I got to start off with the boring stuff and explain things. […]