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Injury Free Workout

Got a Injury Free Workout from Jason.

Jason focuses on Low Impact / High Intensity which is great for preventing injuries but still getting a great workout.

Enough of me, take it away Jason.

~ Rick Kaselj


Hey what’s up guys, it’s Jason Klein from I want to make this video just for Rick K. and all of his friends over at . 

I want to make this video for you because I know how important it is for you with your own challenges to maintain the best body you could ever imagine but at the same time making sure you are injury free. I am going to give you the best workout in a very low impact but high intensity lean muscle gaining workout and at the same time losing fat a lot more than slow, boring cardio.

Let’s get at the workout. You can kick it on the butt. So let’s get going with it. Everything is in 300 repetitions in all my workouts in my system but they are strategic and they have 25 reps with 2 sets per super-set. Let’s go and get at it.

#1 – Negative Push Up

The first one is going to be the Negative Push Up. We are going to go into slow, controlled e-centric or downward movements to really break up and to strengthen the muscle tissue to get lean athletic muscles.

negative push up

It’s going to be 5 seconds all the way down. You see that I am scraped nice and solid the glutes and core. Five seconds down and then push up strong, everything is 25 reps.

You can obviously modify this as long as your core is scraped. Same thing here, you can alternate it if you want with 5 seconds down and then push hard.

Modified Negative Push Up

#2 Tip Toe Body Raise

As soon as you’ve done the 25 repetitions you can go right into your cardio resistance and this is my favorite because it is low impact but it is awesome and you can do this quickly, the Tip Toe Body Raise. So you are coming down and you swing through with your arms throw it up and do the tip toes and then do it again quickly.

Tip Toe Body Raise

#3 – Iso-Ab Spiderman

Right after that you go into your prone Iso-Ab Spiderman. So you go down with your plank to do the prone iso-ab and once you do it you squeeze your glutes coming your knee to your elbow  and do it on both sides of your legs all the way to 25 repetitions

Iso-Lab Spiderman

And then you get the superset with minimal rest with your toe body raise and 25 repetitions of those. You can rest for 20 seconds but no more than 20 seconds.

#4 – Wall Sits

Wall Sit

Third resistance is you’re going in to a Wall Sit. You are going to set up a wall sit push the lower back into the wall with your core and your elbows and your fingernails are stuck on the wall and coming up as far as you can and down, so that’s one, then you continue doing it all the way to 25 repetitions. After that you go straight back to your total body drive for 25 repetitions.

#5 – Lateral Lunge

Left and Right Lateral Lunge

Next is your Lateral Lunge. Make sure that when you are coming out this leg is straight you can also push your hips back so your weight is not in your knee it is in your glute. So you are coming back and do the lunge. If you need to hold on a couch to do this that’s totally cool as long as that knee is behind the toe and do 25 repetitions of this and then you go back to the total body drive. And then you go 25 repetitions for the next leg.

#6 – Sticky Squat

Sticky Squat

Here goes your very last resistance called the Sticky Squat. For Sticky Squats you will do four normal air squats and on every fifth one you are going to hold for five seconds. Do this for 25 repetitions and then you are going to finish off with the last set of total body drive.

That’s it for you guys, 25 repetitions for everything.

If you liked that workout, you can check out Lean Body Revolution which is full of workouts like the above for you.

Lean Body Revolution

Jason Klein




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