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No Cook Recipe Idea with JR Burgess

In May I was in San Diego at a Fitness Mastermind Meeting and I got chatting with JR Burgess. He was talking about what has worked very well for his clients when it comes to weight loss. 

What it is, are no cooking recipes.

A big obstacle is people do not have time to cook and JR has helped them by giving them recipes so that they can create meals without cooking.

He gives a few examples in the video below.

Rick Kaselj


I am down here in sunny, windy and noisy San Diego. As you know, if you’ve seen one of the other videos, I am here at a Fitness Mastermind Meeting and there is like 41 or 42 of us. So I keep taking one of them out into the streets of San Diego and doing an interview with them. 

No Cook Recipe Idea with JR Burgess

Now I’ve got an interview with JR and we are going talk about the importance of cooking and what happens if you avoid cooking and how that can affect you.

JR, I’ll get you to introduce yourself and talk about the cooking.

JR Burgess: Hey there everybody, I am JR Burgess. I work for Rejuv Medical in Minnesota, we are a medical fitness facility really finding every angle to help people transform their lives and transform sick care, what we call it today, to a new health care system. What that means is getting people to exercise right through injuries whatever it may be and eat right.

Exercise and nutrition are medicines. Some people struggle with one aspect or another and what we found is a lot of our clients continue to struggle or a lot of busy professionals just don’t get the nutrition that they need.

The busy professionals on the go, they are subject to fast food or your quick grab grocery items such as protein bars or crackers or chips or even McDonald’s are fast foods so they don’t necessarily know how to get the right thing.

Food manufacturers are going to deceive people to let them think that a sugary fiber bar and that’s what we’re going to be eating and if we are trying to overcome an injury or putting the wrong fuel in our body it’s just going to be an uphill battle.

We need an ample amount of protein. We need the right sources of carbohydrates to fuel our body, reduce inflammation in our body and heal. We may be doing the best physical therapy in the world; if we are still putting low octane or diesel fuel in a high octane body we’re still going to sputter. So we found a program that can definitely help the most time constricted and those who can’t cook.

You don’t have to be chef Emerald in the kitchen in order to be successful. It’s a done for you program that kind of steps here in your busiest, the most time constricted step by step and saying, here is the best cracker, here is the best protein bar and making it as simple as possible in providing them the right amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates to be successful.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome! And it’s neat what you’ve put together a cook book that does not require any cooking. May be you can talk a little bit about that and give us one example that people can use.

JR Burgess: Absolutely! For instance, a lot of people skip breakfast or something like that. Well maybe instead of cooking this huge breakfast just put oatmeal in the microwave for one minute throwing a scoop of whey protein in there, mixing a spoonful of peanut butter. There is your two minute oatmeal.

Okay, maybe for a snack you’re going to get the right string cheese with an apple. There is no cook there. Maybe for lunch it’s a sandwich with the right bread. You know there’s a thousand types of bread out there that we think are healthy, well we are going to show you how to get the right ones and then it’s a sandwich, a turkey and humus on there.

Maybe for another snack its taking Greek yogurt, putting that whey protein, not the sugar loaded ones in there that are just going to give you insulin spikes, some blood sugar spikes and high fructose corn syrup, stuff that is going to let our body heal, and we’re going to give you the clean, quickest, and easiest products like that.

And then maybe for supper you’ve worked a 20 hours executive day, we are time constricted. Maybe it’s just some green lettuce or something with a can of no salt chicken breast in a healthy dressing that we will show you. So everything the best processed ingredients, the quickest so you don’t have time to cook or prepare for hours that no matter what, you can live incredibly clean, you can lose weight, you can recover from injuries on the right foods that require no cooking in a tenth of the time. Somebody trying to live really healthy would have to do.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome! So JR where can people get more information about you?

JR Burgess: Well, our, our website is and it’s just a straightforward and easy plan. You can read through it in our emails, if anybody would want to email me, we’d be happy to give a few sample days of what a life of a no cook meal plan was.


When you’re at, at the grocery store what are the kind of deceptive marketing tricks they use and products that you think would be healthy, well here’s a clean one. That really helps educate people on how to be successful despite time constriction or if you’re not good in the kitchen.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome! Thank you JR and thank you to you for watching this video.

This is Rick Kaselj from San Diego with JR. Sunny, windy and noisy San Diego.

Take care and bye bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS


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