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Pilates Core Workout

Today I have a workout for you and this is going to be for the followers and friends of Rick Kaselj.

Now I have with me my friend here, Justin, and we are going to go through a few workouts here that are going to help you strengthen your core and help you stabilize the shoulders and be able to work around and by the injury.

Pilates Core Workout

The first one that we are going to do is an Ab Lift.

Justin is lying down on his back so he is going to keep his knees together and feet flatten on the floor. I want to make sure that he push his ribs in.

The goal is to try to get rid of the space underneath the ribs but not intentionally flatten your lower back. Justin is now going to lift his chest up towards his legs and go down.

As he goes up and down, you don’t want to tuck the chin down. You want to keep the head in line with the spine as you go up and down keeping the hips perfectly still.

You are going to come up and down and you are going to do 10 of these reps keeping everything nice and tight. Keep the shoulders down squeezing the shoulder blades. Again, keep the head in line to the spine for the full 10 repetitions.

Go ahead and do two more of this. And as you go down you want to try not to lift the ribs, you want to keep them pulled in at all times.

Do not rest and do go down and up.

Make sure that you are putting your belly bottom in towards the spine.

Let’s just do two more and then we will add rotation to this.

Justin is going to come up and we are going to hold that position there and Justin’s going to twist back to start. We will be twisting only the waistband. You don’t want to rotate at the shoulders. Your rotation is happening strictly on the waistband.

Keep your shoulder slightly down on your back but don’t let them come up. Hands firmly rest behind the head. Make sure when you are doing this you breathe and you do a total of 10 of this. Keep the knees together, feet together, and hips perfectly still.

So we are going to one more to each side and hold there and then you are going to take it all the way right back down.

Hands down to your side and the next thing you are going to do is to roll over. Now with this particular move you want to keep your shoulders down, your chest is open and the ribs stay down. Firmly press your hands on the floor and the heel of your palm is pushing down.

Keep your knee together and bring your feet of the floor, keep your knees together, nice and tight. You are going to take nice breathe in here and as you exhale you are going to bring your knees over towards your chest as far as you can keeping the knees together. You are going to inhale just to get to your low back and you are going to exhale bringing that leg right back over again.

You are going to watch your butt, hand, and your knees. The goal of this is to keep the shoulders open and hands firmly place on the floor. This is going to help you with any tightness you have in your lower back. This is going to help you stabilize your shoulder as well.

Make sure you breathe out. You are going to do a total of 10 repetitions of this. I hope you enjoy those workouts and we will see you soon.

Sylvia Favela of Body Weight Pilates

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