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Prevent Elbow Pain with this 5 Minute Warm Up

Hey everybody I am Jedd Johnson from And what I want to talk to you about today is How to Keep Elbow and High Forearm Pain away?

Common Problem when Training

This is something that can really cause problems for your training.

Chances are if you get high forearm or elbow pain it can be very painful. It’s not just something that you notice it’s something that is generally going to take away from your training performance.

I want to show you something that I do regularly in my training as part of the warm-up to help prevent elbow pain.

Importance of a General to Specific Warm Up

Warm-up is not just jumping on the treadmill, riding the bike, or jumping some rope. That’s not going to do it for you. Those things are cool, I do it myself sometimes, but for a good thorough warm-up you should get your whole body moving and then gradually go from just a general warm-up to a specific warm-up where the main body part that you are using for that day gets more attention.

In a lot of my training I do grip strength training. It’s just so happens that I have just recently come back from the North American GRIP Sport Championship and I was talking with some of the other competitors there and found out that several of them are experiencing this high forearm and elbow pain and it’s causing them problems in their grip training.

But again this is just not limited to people who do grip training. Anybody who does the bench press, overhead press, squatting, deadlifting, the elbow is still involved whether there’s a great deal of movement or if the elbow is stationary you still get up into positions where the elbow pain is going to at least cause a distraction for you.

The Speed Bag & Warm Up

This is what I will do. I have behind me a speed bag. A lot of you in your gyms may see a speed bag and you may be able to use it to warm up with.

I found out many years ago that the speed bag is actually very helpful for promoting blood flow through the elbow in this high forearm area because when you end up moving your arm through a range of motion like forwards and backwards what is going on is the area of your elbow is going to get a very light resistance through leverage and through striking the bag.

And that area on your elbow gets blown up a little bit with a little extra blood, a little bit more than we normally have in just normal warm-up. I’ve worked with a speed bag for a long time so I can do a lot of tricks. I can hit with my elbow and I can hit from both sides of the bag, etc.

speed bag tricks

I am not saying that you have to spend so much time on the speed bag that you are able to do all of these different styles of strikes on the bag. However, I think the basic speed bag strikes are very helpful.

If you just spend a little bit of time on the speed bag you could end up having a great deal of fun in your training for just doing it for 5 or 10 minutes of workout. Plus, once you get good enough to master just the basic techniques then it could help to increase the blood flow circulation into this area to keep the elbows in a high form and healthy.

The same goes for the top of the arm or the underside of the forearm. Remember that in the top forearm it is where we are going to get the Tennis Elbow and on the underside forearm is where we are getting the Golfers Elbow. This is the way that you can work on those areas a little bit.

Basic Front Strike

You do the basic strike to the front of the bag.

Basic Back Strike

You can also do a basic strike from the back.

Just for these movements for several minutes, remember I am only doing this for 5 to 10 minutes, tops, but because your arms are up you are in this position and your arms are moving, the muscles are working just ever so slightly and it’s bringing blood into the area and it warms the area up. This is just one option that you have.

Now let’s say you have absolutely no interest in training on a speed bag or there isn’t one in your gym and you are not going to buy one for your home gym, that’s fine. I am going to show you another good option that you can use right now.

What to do if You Do Not Have a Speed Bag

It’s as simple as this. I love the speed bag so I use it in my training; however you may or may not enjoy it or you don’t have one. So this is what you can do. You can get this yoga band at a fitness store or even at Play Again Sports where they may be a little bit cheaper. They are really not that expensive though, the cost is not going to be prohibitive for you to get this.

The next thing that you are going to do is wrap it around some sturdy device that you have; you can use a door knob or a partner who can hold it for you. You are just going to replicate the speed bag action by gripping the bands and for stimulating the top of the forearm you are just going to take a grip like this and just perform the circular motion where the forearm pivots at the elbow and your hands are making not a circle but lifts because the band is going to pull you towards the surface.

It looks like this:

Yoga Bang Circular Motion

Again, this has a very light resistance. It’s not going to be tough and it’s not going to wear you out in your workout. What it does is it blows the area up with blood and that is going to help you with your warm-up, keep everything better lubricated in the joint and it’s going to help you with your longevity and avoiding some issues.

For the opposite movement pattern we are just going to face away from the anchor point and again we are going to make these small rotational movements. Just pumping blood into the area and it feels really good. I am getting pretty good circulation just for this demonstration.

Opposite Movement Pattern

Check that out and see how it feels. I think that you are going to see that the area gets some nice blood flow and it promotes that circulation and that can go a long away against injury prevention.

Now if elbow pain is something that you had in the past or if your high forearm area is something that bothers you on a routine basis you should really check out the link below to our Fixing Elbow Pain Program.


What we have done is we’ve just reduced the price of the program. And you can actually get it a little bit cheaper than you normally would so it’s a real good deal. It’s a very effective program that’s helped well over a thousand of people with their high forearm elbow pain, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, medial or lateral, and epicondylitis.

Make sure to check it out. These are just one or two drills that you can do to help you but we’ve got a lot more to show you including a complete rehab program.

Thanks a lot for your time. And all the best in your training, take care.

Jedd Johnson


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