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Ricktini Workout

What’s going on guys?

Brian Kalakay here, a certified Turbulence trainer. Let me tell you about a story of a guy you may know really well named Rick Kaselj.

Ricktini Workout (Alcohol Free)

This guy goes to these MasterMind meetings, fun story.

We are at this awesome Mastermind meeting in San Diego, my first Mastermind ever. Then Rick decides, you know what, I am going to get an apple martini, but instead of looking like a chick with a chick glass we are going to put it in a scotch glass, it’s a little more manly.

So I say, you know what Rick, I am going to have one of those too. Little did I know those are pure alcohol. So we are sitting here in the middle of a conversation with all of our peers and we are sipping on our Ricktini’s, as that’s what we are going to call them, that’s when Rick and I make contact and we had a moment. We had that moment that we bonded because we were both gone.

And then we look at each other and I knew right then that this guy is going to be one of my best friends in fitness. So this is my workout I made – the inspiration comes from my program Lean in 17.

It is all 17 minute workouts that can be done literally in the space a size of an elevator. It is in this unique 9 days rotation cycle. To find out more on how about this 9 days rotation cycle kills all the flaws of the other info products and fitness products out there make sure you check out the link down this page and it will show you everything, and why this 9 days cycles is what you should be doing so you never hit the plateau again.

But beyond that this workout that I am about to show you is a snippet of the 17 minutes workout, and this is how I burned off my Ricktini that I had with Rick when I was in San Diego that one time.

How this is going to work, this is 5 minutes of awesomeness. You can repeat if you would like. It is one minute of every exercise so focus on the technique and we are going to burn off those Ricktinis together.

We are going to start off our first exercise with Punisher ladder. I am going to put on my timer here. So for this one minute I will be in a squat position and I hop out and hop together. Keep myself on the same level apart and together. I really like it. It’s like a light jumping jack keeping my chest high.


Now these are great because they are working your legs, which are the biggest muscle groups in your body. So if you are trying to work off your hangovers from Ricktinis this will really circulate the blood well through the body and get you pumping again.

If you want to take it down a notch you can step out to one side and step out to the other side. Hold that squat position like so, this is totally fine it’s up to you. If you still have that hangover from Ricktinis I recommend stepping rather than jumping. So one and on the other we got about 20 seconds left you want to do the jumps then keep doing the jumps, it is totally up to you.

final 2

Now we are going to go to our reaching pushups after this which is a lot harder. Keep low, like I said, if you need to rest go to here step out one at a time that’s fine. Those legs are going to be on fire here real soon. One side then the other.

Now we are going to our reaching pushups with no transition time. For this there are two or three ways to do it, I like three. You go down reach out and come up. Then on the other side, reach down and come up. That’s one way.

final 3

The second way if you are not able to push yourself up you are going to reach out lay flat and push yourself up. Control the negative elbow backs to your shoulder and then up.

You can also go from release don’t be ashamed. So down reach out and then push up, reach out elbow back push up. Keep it going, keep it moving one and on the other. If you are going up in the knees that’s fine. If you have to go out nice and controled and then push yourself up. The key here is like almost a one arm pushup which is a little bit of stability upfront.


Keep going then we are going right to our lunge jacks after this. This is going to awaken the upper body, working that chest and working the core that is stretching your obliques one more to even it up.

Right in the Lunge Jacks we do the reverse lunge keep the chest up and then we do our jumping jacks. Jumping that Ricktini away. One, two, and then three. Make sure to lunge back within the heel, chest high, and drop the knee push through the heel and then back up. And then again, chest back, push up with feet together, and then jumping jacks.

final 5

If you have bad knees, you can substitute the jumping jack with the step jack one or two, it’s totally up to you. So that’s one, two, and then three. I am almost there with 15 seconds left. Make sure to keep a good rhythm, pace yourself. Do what you can but make sure your techniques stay flawless.

Now we are going to Mountain Clime Thrust. So one knee in, shoulder blades together, butt down and then the other knee and then both. One, two and three. Keep going, I am going to break this down a little. Keep your shoulder blades together, drive the knee in and tighten your abs and keep your butt low. Tendency is you keep your butt high. Keep it low and nice and like this:

final 6

If the double ins starts to hurt your knees, just keep your mount converse shoulder blades together. Almost there, we got about 21 seconds. This is what you have to do when the knees start to hurt. So in with your knees, shoulder blades together, core engage. So that’s one, one, and then two that’s how it works. Developing to strengthening that core without doing any crunches that are going to put pressure on the lower back or the lower vertebrae.

Here we go for 1 minute, keep those hands up and keep those knees moving really burning through this. Knees high and keep those hands moving now.

final 7

If the impact again is too much on the knees you can do the split shuffles. Same thing keep the weight on the feet and keep the hands moving but you don’t slam the knees as hard on the ground. So shoulder blades back, keep it moving this is fine. It is called the Split Shuffles but I call it the T-Rex run because those little arms look like T-Rex. So run in place or run away from Rick when he is at the bar offering you a Ricktini because they will put you down.

Alright, hang-on there I am almost there with 12 seconds left. Breathe in the nose or to mouth. Keep going and then time out.

If you like to repeat two more times that is what we do in my program to make it about a 17-minute workout, but if you have a little hangover from those Ricktinis you can just do it once that’s fine.

Thank you Rick for letting me invade your crowded space. Thank you guys for listening. Rick is a great guy – follow his advice he know what he is doing when it comes to injury prevention. And check out Get Lean in 17, my new product, 17 minutes workout done in an awesome 9 days muscles depletion cycle. Some really unique stuffs I guarantee that I haven’t done before. We will talk with you guys soon.

Lean in 17 Minutes program

Keep Rocking It!

Brian Kalakay, CTT



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