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Shoulder Pain Relief Through Exercise

I have an interview for you on shoulder pain.

I was invited as a guest on:

It was great to be invited and  asked to talk about shoulder pain and share what people can do to overcome shoulder pain.

Please do take the time to listen to the interview if you have shoulder pain and get on track to over coming it.

CLICK HERE to listen to the Shoulder Pain Relief Through Exercise Interview with Rick Kaselj

In the Shoulder Pain Relief Through Exercise interview, Rick Kaselj goes through:

  • Most common shoulder injuries – Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Impingement, Shoulder Instability
  • How the shoulder joint is put together
  • The groups of shoulder muscles
  • Why the scapular muscles are so important
  • A quick test you can do, to see if it is your rotator cuff that is injured
  • Why Rick’s exercise programs are different and more effective that most exercise program
  • Why it is not practical to keep going to therapists for your shoulder pain
  • How posture plays a huge role in shoulder pain
  • The four essential components a muscle must do in order to overcome shoulder pain
  • How your shoulder pain can progress from a rotator cuff injury, to shoulder impingement and then shoulder instability
  • Big exercise mistake for shoulder pain is the focus on strength and not enough focus on addressing muscle imbalances and activation
  • What are muscle imbalances and how the affect shoulder pain
  • Can people fix their shoulder pain on their own
  • Common muscle imbalances in the shoulder
  • You you can do to over come your shoulder pain
  • The three things you need to focus in on in order to address shoulder pain
  • Who is Rick Kaselj

CLICK HERE to listen to the Shoulder Pain Relief Through Exercise Interview with Rick Kaselj

Big thanks to Jesse Cannone of for this interview and allowing me to share this with people recovering from shoulder pain.

Rick Kaselj, MS

A few things you need to know about listening to the interview:

  • If you use Chrome as your web browser, at times, it can be funny at playing the interview.  I would suggest listening to the interview in another web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.)



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