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Staying Fit On The Road with Kyla Gagnon

I am down here in sunny and windy San Diego. I am in a Fitness Mastermind meeting and I’ve been taking people out of the meeting and doing interviews and videos with them.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews and videos so far and make sure you watch a few of the other ones of them because I have interviewed Dan Long, Mike Whitfield, Dr. Dan Ritchie and Rob King and probably 10 other people.

Now I have Kyla. And Kyla is a fellow Canadian, I am in the Vancouver area of Canada and she’s in Victoria, it’s just a little hop over the water from Vancouver. So we are down here and I wanted to bring Kyla out because she’s doing something very unique online with her clients and I wanted her to talk about that.

I want her to show how she’s following that program and what workout she did like on the road away from Victoria out here in sunny San Diego.

So Kyla, I will get you to introduce yourself and we will talk about your program.

Kyla Gagnon: Yes, thank you very much. I am Kyla Gagnon and I am with What we have done in the last years we’ve developed this system and right now we’ve just launched called Totality A2X. It’s a 12-week system of info home workouts where there’s not a single piece of equipment needed. Workouts are anywhere between 12 to 18 minutes long and they get the job done.

I have taken these workouts and I do my 12 to 18 minutes workouts every day whether I am in a hotel room or lucky enough to be in a beach.

Today, I did one of the workouts on a little platform by the pool at the hotel, and I pick four exercises and I set my timer for a minute on and 10 seconds off, and I just ripped through my four exercises three times for 12 minutes and I was sweating and wheezing; that’s how my day started. The good thing about Totality A2X, there’s no excuses and it doesn’t take much time at all. All you need is your body and that’s been amazing.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome, so people end up getting a daily workout, a follow-along workout that they can end up getting in their email box that they can follow every single day. And do they get access to those videos?

Kyla Gagnon: Yes, they do. What happens in the program when you purchase it is every single workout is downloaded there. You can download everything to your computer and there’s a new workout everyday and follow-along videos that you can do every day. We have some active rest days scheduled in there so you are not full worn in some days in a week where you need to rest.

Everything is downloaded, it’s on your computer and it’s ready to go. And there’s also a members only section and we can connect into chat, if you have questions about a workout I am there to respond and that’s really a fun way to connect with all of my new clients. That’s actually a little bonus for the member’s only section.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome! And then I know we were at a Fitness Business Summit in March and I saw that video of you where you were working out on the pool deck patio, early in the morning. You had a second video where you talked about how you did a workout, at the San Diego convention center which is famous for its comic con if you’ve ever been to San Diego and there’s a huge spider stairs out there if you need to workout up there.

Maybe you can give us an example of what people can do on the road or if they are just in their hotel rooms or if they have access to a pool deck and they can go through one of those quick 12 to 18 minutes workout.

Kyla Gagnon: Absolutely! So what I would like to do is I pick a lower body exercise, let’s say we are going to do squats, and then I will pick an upper body, let’s say push-ups. And for cardiovascular let’s say we are running on the spot or hiking on the spot and for the core let’s say the plank.

I will set my timer for 60 seconds and give myself 10 seconds break and I will go and run through them. So let’s start with the squats for 1 minute and then 10 seconds break. We will go right into the push-up for 1 minute with 10 seconds break. Get up on my feet and then run on the spot as fast as I can for a minute and then 10 seconds break. And then do the plank for a minute and with 10 seconds break. Do that whole cycle again.

You can do that literally in a small space as long as your body is able to plank that’s just about the space you need. So if you are in your hotel room and it’s a bit tiny and you can just plank yourself in the end of your bed that’s just the amount of space that you need. If you can show me an excuse for that, well, probably there isn’t any.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome! Thank you very much Kyla. Where can people get more information about you?

Kyla Gagnon: That’s We are also at, that’s my personal website.

Rick Kaselj: There you go. This is Rick Kaselj and Kyla from sunny and windy San Diego. Make sure to swing by the blog It’s kind of a resource when it comes to injuries and exercises so type in your injury as there’s a good chance that I have a video or a blog post on your injury.

Also if you are watching this on YouTube, you head above and click subscribe and what that means is you are subscribed to the YouTube Channel and you will get videos like this every a couple of days.

Take care and bye bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS


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