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Top 5 Fat Loss Workout Mistakes

Today I have a post from Kate Vidulich. She is a trainer from Australia, that is a personal trainer in New York and that I met in Denver.

Ya, I know, a little crazy.

In Denver we got talking about mistakes that she sees people make in their fat loss workouts and I asked if she could share those mistakes with you, enjoy:

Top 5 Fat Loss Workout Mistakes

Let’s get straight into it. Here are the five most common mistakes I see people make in their programs:

1. Not Enough Complex Movements:

Most gym folks are still struggling to implement this concept. Think big movement patterns, squat, push, pull, step, hinge, rotate and base your workouts and program around this. Training isolated muscle groups has it’s place, but not in a time efficient fat loss program. Not only proven ineffective, it’s a waste of your time.

2. Fear of Resistance:

This one applies particularly to the ladies. Women tend to underestimate their lifting ability, and therefore never reach their full training potential. “I don’t want to get big muscles”. I hear this story from every new female client when I hand over the heavy dumbbells. Lifting lightweights does not raise the intensity to create the desirable metabolic effect for burning fat.

3. Too Much Rest:

With no control over rest periods, your trip to the gym can become happy hour (just without the beer). A timing device is a smart investment that will keep you honest. For fat loss conditioning, aim for 15-45 seconds rest between sets. Yes, it’s intense, challenging and there may be puddles of sweat, but you will get results.

4. Poor Planning:

Walk into the gym without a plan and you’re wasting time already. Get a plan, know exactly what you need to do and stick with it. That way, there is no wandering around the gym deciding what to do next. If you don’t have plan, you’re not going to lose as much fat you probably can.

5. Frequent Program Hopping:

Trying one program this week, and a different one the next without ever finishing, is a huge mistake. It’s overwhelming the number of programs available, but they’re not effective if you never complete any of them. Stop flip-flopping and stick with one program through its entirety.

Something that I use with my clients is what I call fat loss accelerators which avoids the above mistakes. The workouts are based on workouts that I do with my clients. In order to help you get the same fat loss results like my client get, I put a few of them into an easy to follow ebook, called Fat Loss Accelerators.

Fat Loss Accelerators are 31 done-for-you workouts that you can simply plug into your current program, so you don’t have to start all over again.

These are intense, targeted workouts that involve the strategic use of compounding, hybrid exercises to maximize fat burning and training time to break through plateaus.

The unique metabolic movements in the FLA workouts can help you save time in your training sessions, maximize your calorie expenditure and eliminate the need for cardio. Yes, no more trips down cardio alley.

For best results, use a Fat Loss Accelerators at the beginning of your workout – after a dynamic warm up and core training. Replace your interval days with Fat Loss Accelerators, and reduce the stress involved with thinking and planning.

You can check out Fat Loss Accelerators here.

Go hard,

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, HFS
Author, Fat Loss Accelerators


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