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Try this Challenge Fat Loss Workout

Today, I’ve got a workout for you.

It is from Shawna K.

Take it away , Shawna.

~ Rick


Hey Shawna K. here from Challenge Fat Loss workouts.

I’ve created new challenging workouts for you that are 20 minutes in length that are going to help you burn fat 24/7.

Here’s a workout for my good friend Rick Kaselj and all his readers at Exercises For Injuries and Shoulder Pain Solved. This is an Ab based Challenge Fat Loss Workout.

You are going to do 5 exercises. You are going to use a gym boss timer or timer on your phone.

Today when I demonstrate this I am just going to show you a couple of reps but go ahead and do it and give yourself 20 to 25 minutes. You can go through 4 to 5 times depending on how much time you have.

No. #1 – One Legged Burpee. Put your hands up and then hands down one foot out and then jump up with one foot. Do this in 40 seconds time. You can do 5 on one leg and 5 on the other. As you get tired you might only have to do 4 on each leg.

One Legged Burpee

Have 7 seconds rest.

No. #2 – Abs Wheel. You are going to go into an ab roll out.

Abs Wheel

If you don’t have an ab wheel that’s fine, you will then need to do a plank reach. So you go to a High Plank position reach out and then reach in always bringing that hand right underneath the shoulder. Try not to let your hips drop.

High Plank position

Next is go to your pull up bar, you are going to do the No. #3 – Oblique Lift.

Oblique Lift

Make sure that you get done an even amount on each side. A reminder when you are doing those leg raises it is not just a matter of bringing the knees up, alright. You are going to try to roll and rock those knees right into the chest shortening so you are bringing the hips right up to the ribs.

No. #4 – Sit Out. If you are not a big fan of sit out and you are just learning them switch it to a mountain climber, but this is what a sit out looks like. The key with the sit out is to keep the knees barely close to the elbows you don’t run half the way out here. When you do your sit out you are going to drop the hip down and then go from side to side as quickly as you can.

Sit Out

No. #5 – Shoe Touch. For active recovery where you finish off with a shoe touch. Pull those knees in close to you and squeeze your knees together lift your shoulders off the ground, don’t chin up your chin into your chest just have on top of your knees. Keep your belly button into your spine and reach out and touch your toes.

Shoe Touch

You are going to do each of those exercises for 40 seconds. You are going to give yourself a 7 second transition. You are going to repeat that 4 to 5 times for a great ab focus. You are going to increase your heart rate and your metabolism and be done super fast.

This is a task of my Challenge Fat Loss Workouts, if you want to get more workouts, go here.


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