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What to do about joint knee pain?

This is Dr. Dan Ritchie from Miracles Fitness. Today, I am in sunny San Diego it’s cool and windy as well. I am here with Rick Kaselj who is an injury expert.

Rick can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

Rick Kaselj: Yes. What I specialize in is I am an injury expert and what that means is I help people overcome injury and pain with exercise. That’s pretty much what my passion is and I run a very active blog with all kinds of information and videos on that subject and that’s called

Dr. Dan Ritchie: Rick agreed to give us just a couple of minutes and we are going to talk a little bit about Knee Pain. I know knee pain is a common issue that a lot of clients have.

Rick, just tell our viewers a little bit especially about cartilage and meniscus damage and after surgery or even if the client decides to have a surgery, how can they manage that pain then?

Rick Kaselj: How I end up looking at those conditions like cartilage, meniscus, or if you end up getting a replacement or resurfacing those are like all internal knee joint injuries. They all kind of roughly fall into the same category.

The number one thing to do is to do everything that you can to help that internal part of the knee work. And what ends up happening is people will stop moving their joints and that lack of movement is one of those double-edge swords, it ends up leading to pain but lack of movement ends up leading to more pain.

It is important to try to work on that movement as much as you can and understanding that there are two types of movements when it comes to the knee. There’s movement when you are standing and there’s movement when you are not standing so your weight bearing and your non-weight bearing. And trying to get that knee moving in an unweighted situation is what I try to get people to do. Getting them to move that knee. If it’s uncomfortable, they move to that uncomfortableness.

I am not looking for sharp screaming pain but it might be a little uncomfortable when it comes to that movement side of things and that’s okay. I want them to go to that point of pain because what happens in time is that end point of pain it will get smaller and you will get more and more range of motion. And when you get more of that pain free range of motion you can start doing more and more of the rehab side of things and that more and more movement decreases your pain.

Dr. Dan Ritchie: As a common complaint that I hear is “okay, I have my knee replaced. I have gone to a physical therapist and 6 months later I am still having pain.” Would you say there is a solution for those people?

Rick Kaselj: Yeah, I think there is a solution. Another thing that I would end up looking at is having them take away unnecessary stresses to the knee. Are you excessively standing? Or are you putting your knee in stressful positions like sitting for too long or gardening in the backyard?

There are ways of modifying them where we put less stress on the knee. And putting that knee in less stressful positions will make it less painful which is a good thing.

Other things that I suggest people to do is like your knee is one of the largest joints in your body but one big thing is hydration ends up affecting it a lot. When it’s dehydrated, not taking enough water in it, it will end up becoming more painful so one simple thing is looking at your hydration.

Another thing is looking at your inflammation when it relates to that joint because inflammation will slow down or prevent healing. And that inflammation can be a result of the foods that you are eating, and a very simple thing is like a lot of times the processed foods we eat leads to inflammation, inflaming the areas that are injured and painful within us.

Dr. Dan Ritchie: That’s sounds like a whole lot of conversation to go through that. Thanks very much Rick for doing this. I know that you have a fantastic product that fixes your knee pain. If people want to get more information on that where would they go?

Rick Kaselj: For my Fix My Knee Pain product there is probably a link down below that Dan will put and that will help people overcome their knee pain. And just like what I was saying then, there are variety of categories when it comes to knee pain. That internal knee pain is like that meniscus, cartilage, and knee replacement and I give you  a 3 phase program that you can follow that helps you overcome your knee pain.


Dr. Dan Ritchie: Thank you so much Rick and sorry for all the trucks that are coming by here in downtown San Diego.

Rick Kaselj, MS



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