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What to do About Sitting and Back Pain

Hello Monday.

A quick video for you on “What to do About Sitting and Back Pain”, enjoy:

I got a question in the survey that I sent out. A couple of days ago I sent out a survey when it comes to what injury you would like me to cover this month and then I end up having a question where people could send me a question if they want me to answer something specifically.

Someone left a question on they end up getting back pain while sitting and what can they do about back pain from sitting. So my guess is that they end up working in an office or an environment where they are sitting a lot at the computer or in meetings and there are two things that I would recommend for you to look at and look at what you are doing when it comes to sitting throughout the day. And two things that you can quickly that will decrease that back pain.

No. 1 is I recommend trying to sit on those sit bones.

No.2 is also looking at how you are sitting. If you end up crossing your legs often and sitting with your legs crossed over, that ends up putting a fair bit of stress and torque in your low back so they end up having back pain from sitting a lot. Look at trying to sit with your legs about hip width apart and your feet on the floor as oppose to your legs across that ends up pulling on your pelvis, pulling on your back, putting increase stress on your back.

So there you go, there 2 things that you can quickly do when it comes to decreasing the back pain you have from sitting. Look at sitting on your sit bones and number 2 look at trying to avoid cross legs sitting.

Take care and bye bye

Rick Kaselj,MS

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