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Shoulder Pain and Posture

Shoulder pain and posture are a common theme, but which came first.

Did the shoulder cause a posture issue or did the posture issue cause the shoulder pain?

Both situations can happen and do happen.

Let me explain.

What is Posture?

I know, I got to start off with the boring stuff and explain things.  But hang in there with me.

Posture is how the body aligns itself.

The body can align itself in a pain free way or a painful way.

How Can Posture Lead to Shoulder Pain?

If the head is in a straight line with the shoulders and spine, this leads to the least amount of stress on the shoulder.

If the head of the body moves forward and away from the straight line with the shoulder and spine, this puts greater stress on the shoulder.  The muscles in the shoulders work hard to move the head back.  With time, the shoulder muscles build with tension and this tension leads to pain.

Testing Out How Posture Can Lead to Shoulder Pain?

Lets test out how poor posture can lead to stress, strain and pain to the shoulder

Move into a sitting position and have you head, shoulder and spine in a straight line.

Now wrap your hands around the back of your neck.  Feel at what level of tension your neck muscles are at.

Now move your head forward as far as you can in a slow manner.

As you are moving your head forward, what is happening to muscles in your neck?

  • Did you feel the tension in your neck muscles increase?
  • Did you feel the stress increase in the muscles in the neck?

My guess is you did.

What happens when the head is not in a straight line with the shoulder and spine for a long time is the tension builds in the neck and shoulder.  A point is reached when this tension leads to pain.

Avoiding Times of Poor Posture

We need to do what we can to keep our head in a straight line with our shoulders and head.

Common times that our head is away from the straight line is:

  • When we are sitting
  • When we are driving
  • When were at the office and working on the computer
  • When we are on our phones, typing out a text message
  • When we are watching TV
  • When we are reading

Using Posture to Help with Shoulder Pain?

It is best to do what you can to move your head into good alignment.

A reminder to you about your head position is if you feel tension in your neck and shouders.

If you feel that tension start, check your posture.  There is a good chance that that is what is leading to the shoulder pain.

The Last Word and a Reminder of the 2 Posture & Shoulder Tips

If you have shoulder pain, part of it is due to your posture.

When you are doing things, work on keeping your head in a straight line with your shoulder and spine.

Also if you feel the tension build in your neck and shoulder, that is a reminder that you need to work on your posture.

Hey, I never chatted about how shoulder pain could lead to poor posture.  Well, I am at the end of this article.  I am already 49 words over so it will have to wait until the next article.

Until then, have a great pain free day.

Rick Kaselj, MS


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