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Shoulder Pain and Movement

Today I have an interview for you on shoulder pain and movement.

Here it is:

Along with the great content, I wanted for you to see me.

I wanted you to see that I am a real person.

Why I say this is, I was doing some research for a new injury workout that I have coming out on frozen shoulder.  I came across a few products that I wanted to look at.  I saw the products were from the same person based on the photo that was on the website page but his name was different depending on the product.

I was shocked to see this.

I was wondering if you were wondering, if I was real.  I am and if you want, you can come out to Surrey, BC, Canada to see me for a shoulder assessment.

Now lets get into the details of today’s interview.

You will see that I talk about . This is another website that I have that helps fitness professionals better understand injuries when it comes to what it is, what to do and the best exercises. A lot of people other than fitness professionals where finding the site and asking me about shoulder aches, injuries and pain. This lead to the development of .

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview with me (Rick Kaselj)

This is what I go through in the interview:

  • When it comes to knee pain, strengthen is important but there is something that was just discovered in research which is more important
  • Importance of loosening things up in the upper body prior to doing exercise with dynamic movement
  • 3 Pre-habilitation exercises for skiiing and snowboarding
  • The importance of scapular exercises when it comes to the prevention and rehabilitation from shoulder pain
  • Why you need to train the body in all three planes of movement in order to prevent knee and shoulder injuries
  • A Great kettle bell exercise to help the core
  • Importants of doing upper body reactionary work
  • Quick things that you can do for your shoulder pain with a tennis ball
  • Importance of looking at the direction of the injury when it comes to exercise prescription and design
  • Exercises that you can do to fight your poor posture at work
  • Who is Rick Kaselj?

A big thank you Troy Pesola of for asking me to share some information to his readers, viewers and listeners.

Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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